Custom Ocean Paintings

Custom Ocean Art That Captures the Power of the Sea

A custom ocean painting by Christian Chapman will showcase the wild and majestic beauty of the sea in a way that resonates with you, allowing you to experience the raw, cleansing and rejuvenating power of the ocean in your own home.

Original ocean art by esteemed artist Christian Chapman offers the chance to capture any ocean scene you desire in a truly spectacular painting, whether your local beach, a coastal setting with treasured memories, or a totally unique vision of the ocean.

A Note From the Artist: Christian Chapman on Ocean Wall Art

“I’ve always had a strong connection to the ocean.  I surf almost every day, sometimes for up to six hours at a time! It’s my nirvana, a place to cleanse and reconnect to yourself, nature and the earth. If I’m not in the ocean, the next best thing is painting it!”

“I think it’s important to choose an artist that is truly passionate about their subject. I genuinely live and breathe the ocean and I think this comes through and is resonated in what I create. To capture all those subtle nuances of the sea, you need to know the sea and have a true direct connection with it”.

Commission your own custom ocean painting today and bring the beauty of the sea into your home.


Your Custom Ocean Artwork on a Medium of Your Choice

At Christian Chapman Art, we offer a range of mediums on which to display your custom artwork.

Choose to have your perfect ocean sunset painting or custom ocean artwork painted on canvas or opt for metal for a spectacular high-end finish that shimmers and shines, changing the colour and mood of the painting as you move. 

Why Commission a Custom Ocean Painting by Christian Chapman?

A deep and lifelong passion for surfing and the ocean has seen Christian spend years devoting himself to creating captivating ocean art that captures the dynamism and movement of the sea in a truly profound way.

With an untamed freedom in his brush strokes and colours that mirrors the wild and raging spirit of the ocean itself, Christian’s ocean coloured paintings radiate the power of the sea, giving rise to mesmerising ocean scenes that have a spiritual sense of energy and emotion. So why not add a touch of the ocean's beauty to your space and create a peaceful retreat that you'll love coming home to? Ride the wave of creativity with our original ocean painting collections.

How To

Commission Your Custom Ocean Artwork

Commissioning a custom ocean artwork by renowned beachscape artist Christian Chapman couldn’t be easier. We’ll discuss your ideas in detail so that Christian can create a breathtaking painting that captures every element of your ocean - inspired vision, in the style that suits your preference and space.

Check out our simple step - by - step process below and contact us to discuss a custom ocean artwork that brings the raw beauty of the ocean into your home in a spectacular visual way.



Use our simple online form to contact us about your custom artwork. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can to discuss what you’re after and outline the process of creating your painting.


First, we’ll establish the basics, such as sizing, medium, and price. Then, the exciting part - the concept of your painting! We’ll discuss artistic ideas and chat through all the options to ensure you’re completely happy before we proceed.


It’s time for Christian to work his artistic magic and get to work painting a stunning art piece that brings your vision to life. We’ll stay in touch with you throughout the process to keep you updated at every stage.


The moment you’ve been waiting for is here - your custom painting is ready! For peace of mind, your artwork is fully insured for shipment and comes with a 100% guarantee plus signed authenticity certificate. What’s more, we offer free worldwide shipping and a range of convenient payment options, including Zip, Afterpay and lay-buy.


Alexandra M. QLD. Australia.

"Initially I ordered the painting for my partner as we needed a main piece for our new house & his choice was this picture- supersized of course " "Any hesitation I had at the thought of a huge... Read more