Read Christian Chapman’s Interview On His Celebrity Portraits


How do you approach painting celebrity portraits?

"My focus when painting any kind of portrait is on achieving the most realistic likeness of the person in question.
This can start with studying the face of the celebrity I’m painting in order to analyse their features in close detail, as well as conducting my own independent research into the person so I can build an understanding of their character and individuality."

What do you enjoy about painting celebrity portraits?

"I’ve always loved painting faces that have strong characteristics and features, as well as portraits of more eccentric and enigmatic personalities.
Painting people who have an almost cult-like following is a great challenge. There’s a kind of ‘hype’ about them that you have to recreate visually with your paintbrush, which is rewarding once achieved."

How do you capture the likeness of the celebrity and bring them to life?

"After paying close attention to the facial features of the celebrity, I always start by painting the eyes, the most important and hardest part. Then I’ll work outwards and continue adding detail to bring it all together, with a focus on capturing the unique characteristics and well-known personality attributes of the celebrity I’m painting."

Through his distinct use of colours and detail, Christian creates stunning, evocative depictions of well-known faces, giving rise to incredible celebrity portraits with a deep sense of connection to the subject.

Own an Original Celebrity Portrait

If you’d like to own an original artwork by renowned portrait artist Christian Chapman, check out our original musician paintings available on canvas, metal, or painted on a vintage surfboard for a spectacular and unique art piece.

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Commission a Custom Celebrity Portrait

To create a unique and original painting of your celebrity inspiration, contact our studio to commission a celebrity portrait of your choosing. Christian can even paint a portrait of you with your favourite celebrity for an intimate and meaningful artwork.

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