Read Christian Chapman’s Interview On His Ocean and Portrait Artworks on Metal


How do you approach painting portraits or oceanscapes on metal?

"With this artwork genre, it’s all about the light. The luxurious medium of metal is simply incredible - the mood of the artwork changes depending on the viewer’s perspective, creating a really dynamic, opulent piece of art.

I keep this in mind when painting, knowing that the finished piece will change based on the way the light interacts with the surface. The result is a spectacular artwork that has a powerful visual effect."

What do you enjoy about painting on metal?

"I’ve always been inspired to produce artwork on a medium that would take the art to another dimension. I think the luxurious, elegant qualities of metal achieve this.

It’s also so refreshing to paint on something other than canvas. The fact is, there are so many other materials available on earth – I love experimenting and finding a new look or style that no one else is doing."

An oceanscape or portrait painted on metal is an artwork like no other. Combining Christian’s exceptional style with the unique visual impact of metal results in a truly breathtaking piece of art.

Commission A Custom Artwork on Metal

Choose to commission a custom artwork of your choice and have it painted on metal by esteemed artist Christian Chapman. We can help you bring your vision to life with a spectacular visual effect with our custom portraits or ocean art on metal.