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How do you approach painting portraits?

"My role as a portrait artist is to create a painting that is as accurate as possible in its depiction of the subject.

This means I need to pay full attention to every detail of the person’s face, character, distinguishing features, as well as their unique personality, in order to bring these elements out in the painting."

What do you enjoy about portrait painting?

"Painting people’s faces is something I’ve always enjoyed. It can be a real challenge achieving the likeness.

It’s a bit like putting together every piece of a puzzle in the right place, in order to finally produce a painting that captures the person’s individuality and distinct character."

How do you go about capturing the likeness of the subject and bring them to life?

"Everything is in the eyes. I always start with painting the eyes, as this is the hardest and most important part. From there, I work outwards. Once I’ve captured the face accurately with semi-realism, I can celebrate and let loose with the hair and background.

In terms of bringing the subject to life, I create the illusion of three dimensions on the canvas using crisp lineal strokes and contrasting soft tonal shades. I use strong highlights and shadow effects to give the portrait artwork a sense of luminosity and depth."

Adept at capturing the unique aesthetic qualities of each woman he paints, Christian’s female portraits are the ultimate creative expression of feminine beauty.

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