Read Christian Chapman’s Interview On His Sports Portraits


How do you approach painting a sports portrait?

"My aim - as with any sports artwork - is to capture the personality of the sportsperson in question. I’ll use particular hues to create a feeling that conveys the essence of that sports star. 

I’ll often do some research into the sportsperson before I start the artwork so I can gain as much background knowledge as possible. That way, I can infuse the distinct character attributes of the athlete or sports person into the portrait."

What do you enjoy about painting sports portraits?

"I’m a fan of many different sports, including surfing, MMA and UFC, weightlifting and rugby (the All Blacks). My enjoyment of and interest in sport - combined with my passion for portraiture - makes this a fun and rewarding genre for me.

In terms of my favourite type of athlete artwork, I really like painting UFC stars - I think they display incredible talent, hard work and ethics, and aside from their physical fitness, they’re also very mentally strong, which inspires me."

How do you bring the sportsperson you’re painting to life for the viewer?

"I visually study the sports person’s face in close detail - every wrinkle, every facet that makes that person who they are. This is an essential part of being able to accurately recreate their exact make-up and capture their individuality."

Sports paintings by Christian Chapman is an iconic artistic tribute to the heroes of the sporting world that will be treasured for generations to come.

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Commission A Custom Sport Portrait

Whoever your sporting hero, you can commission Christian to paint a custom artwork featuring the figure that inspires you. He can even paint you with your favourite sports star for a unique and treasured artwork.

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