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How do you approach ocean art?

"For me, the single most important point of focus when it comes to painting my ocean art is to capture the ‘freedom’ of the sea. There’s a fine line between recreating the realism and light of an ocean setting, while also harnessing the movement and wild abandonment that the ocean possesses."

What do you enjoy about painting ocean artworks?

"I live in and breathe the ocean almost every day. It’s my religion. I’m deeply connected to it and have been ever since I was a child."

How do you capture the ocean in your paintings?

"My mum, who was also an artist, taught me that painting is 80% ‘looking’ at the subject or reference and 20% actually drawing. I follow her advice to this day and it holds true whether I’m painting a wild ocean wave or a portrait."

"I’ve always been drawn to the ocean. I grew up with a vast view of the sea from every room in our house. I love its infinite moods – cleansing, raw and relentless, void of control."

Christian Chapman, Ocean Artist

Own an Original Ocean Artwork

If you’d like to own an original ocean artwork by renowned beachscape artist Christian Chapman, check out our original ocean paintings available on canvas, metal, or painted on a vintage surfboard for a spectacular and unique art piece.

Alternatively, purchase your ocean artwork as a fine art print - choose from rolled canvas, framed canvas, or paper.

Commission a Custom Ocean Artwork

For the ultimate bespoke beach painting, contact our studio to discuss a custom artwork created by highly-acclaimed ocean painter Christian Chapman.