About Christian Chapman

From Organic Beginnings Stems One of Australia’s Leading Artistic Talents

From an early age, Christian watched his artist mother paint stunning portraits and nature scenes, subconsciously absorbing her artistic skills...and so, the seed of art was implanted in the young artist.

Growing up surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, Christian was inspired by this vast natural world. Spending much of his time surfing with his twin brother, he developed a strong and lifelong affinity for the ocean, while remaining deeply connected to the earth.

Upon moving to Australia in his early twenties, Christian began refining his artistic techniques. Before long, he had established his name with gallery representation across the country and soon after he garnered the attention of art critics around the world. Since then, Christian has held numerous exhibitions and sold hundreds of original paintings to international art collectors.

Christian’s passion lies in creating exquisite, realistic portraits that encapsulate the exact likeness of a person with flawless accuracy, and powerful majestic ocean themes that capture the raw energy of the ocean.

Meanwhile his passion for music can be seen in his head-turning, high-decibel musician portraits that perfectly represent the larger-than-life characters of his musical subjects.

It is rare to find an artist who displays such a diverse talent, with a unique and unparalleled ability to create exceptionally beautiful art that brings pleasure and joy to all who behold it.

Experience the euphoria and emotion of Christian’s paintings and inspire your world.

About Rachel Chapman

A passion for art, a focus on clients

With a keen eye for art, Rachel works jointly with Christian in their Northern NSW studio to form an impressive and talented artistic team.

Adept at dealing with art collectors across the world who are eager to own an original Christian Chapman Art piece, Rachel has a unique and instinctive ability to understand the specific needs of clients and translate their visions for Christian to bring to life through painting.

Having been involved in the business for many years, Rachel is just as passionate today as she’s ever been. This passion goes beyond the art - Rachel is committed to ensuring each and every client receives an exceptional artwork that exceeds their expectations and continues to delight and inspire for years to come.

When you contact Christian Chapman Art, you’ll be warmly greeted by Rachel, who’ll be more than happy to chat through your requirements, answer any queries, and intuitively guide you throughout the journey - at the end of which, you’ll receive your incredible Christian Chapman artwork; a piece that we know will be treasured forever.