Read Christian Chapman’s Interview On His Tattoo Portraits


How do you approach tattoo portraits?

"As with painting other genres, I begin by studying and recreating the portrait, I then start to add the ink embellishments - and that’s the fun part!

Tattoo portraits are mostly tonal and the ink is lineal; these two contrasting techniques are like yin and yang - they’re opposite but they compliment each other."

What do you enjoy about painting tattoo portraits?

"I’ve always been interested in the intricacy of tattoo art, especially the lineal nature of this type of artwork which contrasts with the mostly tonal style of portrait painting. I find it really refreshing to add the ink embellishments.

I like the raw honesty of ink art - it can be edgy and dark, which is countered by the beauty and softness found within the portrait’s face.

I also love going against the status quo and adding the ink within the paintings, with a hint of contemporary neon to contrast with the gothic monochrome portrait."

How do you bring your tattoo portraits to life?

"Capturing the essence of the subject - whether in a tattoo portrait or any type of portrait - requires attention to detail to recreate the individuality and characteristics of the subject.

This is how I start my tattoo portraits, before letting loose and having fun with the hair and ink details, which really bring these type of paintings to life."

Brimming with artistic flair and ornate gothic beauty, Christian’s tattoo art portraits draw you into a surreal world of feminine sensuality reimagined in darkly captivating fantasy.

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