Your Love Story, Immortalised in a Custom Wedding or Couples Portrait

A custom wedding or couples portrait is the ultimate expression of the love between two people - a love immortalised through art, to preserve the memory of your romantic bond for generations to come.

By commissioning a marriage portrait painted by renowned portrait painter Christian Chapman, you’ll be able to capture the deep emotion and exquisite beauty of your wedding day forever. Similarly, a couples portrait allows you to create a timeless memory of the love you share.

A custom wedding painting is a unique and treasured gift for newly-weds, or a romantic painting to proudly display in your own home or at your wedding.

A Note From the Artist: Christian Chapman on Wedding and Couples Portraits

“Putting a paint brush to canvas to convey the love two people have for each other is exceptionally deep and profound. The painting has to hold an emotional connection as well as be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.”

“I enjoy painting the harmony and synergy between two souls connected as one. Art isn’t just about painting realism - you have to extract the energy and emotion of who you are drawing”.


Your Custom Wedding or Couples Portrait on a Medium of Your Choice

At Christian Chapman Art, we offer a range of mediums on which to display your painted wedding portrait.

Choose to have your custom wedding or couples portrait painted on canvas or opt for metal for a spectacular high-end finish that shimmers and shines, changing the colour and mood of the painting as you move. 

Or for an artwork that’s sure to make waves, choose to feature your art on a vintage surfboard made by Christian.

Why Commission a Custom Wedding or Couples Portrait by Christian Chapman?

Many people can paint. Few can create art that has an emotional connection - that certain special quality that stirs up and provokes the inner thoughts within the viewer and audience. Christian’s ability to capture this connection is what sets his wedding and couples portraits apart.

Over the years, Christian has painted hundreds of portraits including bridal portraits as well as groom portraits. His wedding and couples portraits represent the loving bond between two people, drawing on his exceptional portrait skills to capture the exact likeness of his subjects with flawless detail.

Christian can paint a wedding or couples portrait in a style of your choosing, for an original artwork that resonates with you and your partner, featuring different styles of realism, fantasy and colour to match your vision.

How To

Commission Your Custom Wedding or Couples Portrait

Commissioning a custom wedding or couples portrait by renowned portrait artist Christian Chapman couldn’t be easier. Based on your exact specifications and creative vision, Christian can paint a beautiful and unique portrait that celebrates the love and happiness of your special day or romantic partnership - that will be cherished for decades to come.

Check out our simple step-by-step process below and contact us to discuss a custom wedding or couples portrait that will serve as a timeless memory of the love you share.



Use our simple online form to contact us about your custom artwork. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can to discuss what you’re after and outline the process of creating your painting.



First, we’ll establish the basics, such as sizing, medium, and price. Then, the exciting part - the concept of your painting! We’ll discuss artistic ideas and chat through all the options to ensure you’re completely happy before we proceed.



It’s time for Christian to work his artistic magic and get to work painting a stunning art piece that brings your vision to life. We’ll stay in touch with you throughout the process to keep you updated at every stage.



The moment you’ve been waiting for is here - your custom painting is ready! For peace of mind, your artwork is fully insured for shipment and comes with a 100% guarantee plus signed authenticity certificate. What’s more, we offer free worldwide shipping and a range of convenient payment options, including Zip, Afterpay and lay-buy.


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