Artwork Unveiled!

Rob J. VIC. Australia.

"Linkin Park have been such a big part of my life and will be to come. To have this amazing piece of Chester in my home words can’t describe and I’m sure every now and then tears will be shed … so ... Read more

Troy G. NSW. Autralia.

"Me with the best surprise gift I could ask for, I cannot thank Christian Chapman Art enough for this awesome piece, to say I'm over the moon is an understatement, I cannot wait for the next master... Read more

Rob J. VIC. Australia.

"First time I had a glimpse of this painting I had to have it, like it’s perfect. It will be hung right along side another beautiful custom painting on the way. Can’t thank enough Christian Chapma... Read more

Scott W. New Zealand.

"Hello Rachel and Christian. Thank you so much for my amazing board, it has been a vision I thought about for a few years now and to bring it to life is amazing and seeing it in my new house that I... Read more

Imogen M. NSW. Australia.

“I received this Christian Chapman original 'Coloured Cobain' as a Christmas present and I absolutely love it. Christian has captured Kurt’s expression perfectly, and it looks so realistic. I love ... Read more

Jessie W. NSW. Australia.

"Thank you so much to Christian for creating such a memorial piece for my husband. Although I didn’t get the chance to meet his handsome Pa, I had the pleasure of being in the presence of his beaut... Read more

Lisa T. NSW. Australia.

"Truly humbled by your work ❤️. Thank you for capturing my parents and big brother with me. I've never cried so much as I opened it, the rush of memories just kept on coming. It was good to feel so... Read more

Justene P. SA. Australia.

"The painting of me and my mum has brought my Mum back to life in my house I say good morning to her every morning and good night to her every night. It’s eased the pain in my heart of missing her.... Read more

Vanessa, H. NSW. Australia.

"Me with my newest favourite picture. My other favourite is Dita, which I got years ago. I will probably be thinking about another one next year. Thank you so much." Read more

Kerry R. QLD. Australia.

"I wanted to get my man something out of this world for his birthday this year... A friend of mine showed me some of Christian's work and I thought to myself - Damn I wish I could have a painting d... Read more

Kerry, R. QLD, Australia.

"This is our second painting by Christian, and oh boy he doesn't disappoint, the attention to detail is awesome & makes this painting look kickass close up and from a distance. And the fact tha... Read more

Wil, W. NSW. Australia

"2020 has being an unforgettable year to the say the least. During the initial lockdown period in Sydney, having been stood down from my employer for the foreseeable future, I decided to be upbeat ... Read more

Deanna F, New Jersey, USA.

"Hi Christian & Rachel, from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for this gorgeous portrait of the boys. It is beautiful & it totally captures all three of them. I love it, tha... Read more

Jackie, Q. California, USA.

"Words cannot describe, how beautiful my painting is... I’m lost for words!! I can’t wait for my next Portrait... Stunning!!! Christian Chapman... is a must, in your home, as a gift, OMG!!" Read more

Jayne, B. QLD. Australia.

"Thank you for the amazing art you created for my daughter Brianna. Your patience and professionalism and help did not go unappreciated. Brianna was speechless for the first time in 21 years. You t... Read more

Alexandra M. QLD. Australia.

"Initially I ordered the painting for my partner as we needed a main piece for our new house & his choice was this picture- supersized of course " "Any hesitation I had at the thought of a huge... Read more

Ashley & Joshua B. Overland Park, USA.

"I ordered a special painting for my brother as a Christmas present and of course had a huge picture in my head of what I wanted. The Chapman team worked closely with me on every little detail, col... Read more

Denise V. Matraville, NSW. Australia.

"Thank you so so much for my Lucy commission! I absolutely love it! She’s come alive! I have loved Lucille Ball since I was a little girl even named my daughter Lucy after her!" "After loving the p... Read more

Jodie G. NSW. Australia

“Ever since I purchased my first painting of Heath Ledger’s ‘Joker’ I knew I had found the right artist to do the painting I’d been wanting for years. Commissioning my ‘Hey, Why So Serious’ paintin... Read more

Tammi H. Australia.

"I have always wanted to have a portrait done of my dogs but hadn’t until my sister in law showed me photos of Christians work, once I seen those I knew I had to get Christian to paint my dogs and ... Read more

Avril D. QLD. Australia.

“Good morning, beautiful people...truly beautiful people..♡” “It has taken me overnight to even contemplate writing this having received my painting of my beloved brother Matthew by courier yester... Read more

Mark Richards. NSW. Australia.

"A bit over 12 months ago, I had a call from Christian out of the blue…he had painted a picture of me and was generously giving it to me. It came down to the old shop on Surf Cargo freight in the t... Read more

Simon S. Christchurch, New Zealand.

"I have been a frothing surfer for almost 40 years and have bought and rode a lot of surfboards from mostly your now major shapers such as Channel Island and JS for example. About 7 years ago I had... Read more