Original Acrylic Hand Paintbrush + Sparkling Paints + Airbrush on Metal

To deliver a profoundly powerful and memorable viewing experience for his audience, Christian often goes beyond traditional techniques, pushing the boundaries of artistic innovation.

The culmination of this pursuit is Christian’s signature method, which features Sparkling Paint on a metal surface. Utilising the surrounding light, the result is a highly sensory experience rarely seen in modern art, with a spectacular high-end finish that shimmers and shines.

Natural sunlight in the day - or spotlights at night - draw out hidden sparkling layers of paint, transforming the colour and mood of the painting before your very eyes. This technique defines contemporary, industrial style and is completely unique to Christian Chapman Art. 

What’s more, our artworks on metal are both waterproof and resilient enough to be placed outside, making them an ideal choice for outdoor entertaining areas.

Every artwork on metal includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Christian Chapman himself. For buyers, this ensures that these investment artworks remain highly valuable for decades to come.

As the metal canvas is three-dimensional, framing is unnecessary.