If you’re seeking a totally unique portrait of your musical idol, Christian Chapman Art can collaborate with you to create a stunning commissioned artwork of any musician of your choosing. We can even paint you alongside your favourite musician!


Imagine having your very own custom portrait painted to your unique specifications and in the style you love. Christian Chapman Art can make your dreams of owning a commissioned portrait into reality with our custom portrait service.


For anyone dreaming of having their very own custom celebrity portrait featuring their favourite superstar, our custom artwork service is everything you’ve been looking for. Whether you want a customised portrait of your idol or want to be painted alongside your celebrity crush, you’ll be amazed by the incredible likeness and sensational detail of our custom celebrity portraits.


If you’d love to have your own unique tattoo art portrait painted according to your exact vision, Christian can bring your ideas to life with a commissioned tattoo artwork that will take pride of place on your wall. 


A custom sportstar portrait of your sporting idol is the ultimate piece of art for any adoring sports fan. Whoever your sporting hero may be, we can collaborate with you to create an amazingly realistic portrait featuring your favourite sportsperson - or even paint you alongside them! 


If you have an idea or vision for a particular ocean landscape, Christian can bring it to spectacular life with a custom ocean artwork that infuses the raw beauty of the ocean into your space. Our custom ocean artworks are painted to your exact specifications, featuring a style and colour palette of your liking.


A custom metal artwork will transform your space with a spectacular and highly unique piece of art. Whether a portrait or an ocean scene, your custom metal artwork is painted in the style of your choosing, using sparkling paint that beautifully dances with the light to change in front of your very eyes.