Read Christian Chapman’s Interview on His Musician Portraits


How do you approach painting a musician portrait?

"When I’m painting a musician portrait, I put 100% focus into capturing the likeness, character and personality of that particular musician.   I also aim to portray and resonate the ‘tone’ or vibe of the musical genre in question. So if I’m painting Metallica, for example, I might use heavy black and strong splatters of paint to give a metal vibe. I want to show a high level of semi-realism in my musician portraits to capture their individuality."

Why do you enjoy painting musician portraits?

"I love music! I listen to music super-loud first thing in the morning in my van, driving to work or heading for the surf.  I also play the guitar and my late mother played the violin and piano - she was an inspiration for me and I have fond memories of us ‘jamming’ together.
I get completely inspired - both emotionally and physically - by music; that’s what I strive for when painting – to provoke the senses of the viewer in this way."

What do you do to capture the musician you’re painting and bring them to life?

"I like to listen to the music of whichever musician I’m painting. That way I tap into a part of their world, so I can extract it onto the canvas. 
I’ll also carefully study the musician in terms of their unique visual appearance, so I can capture their likeness and infuse their characteristics into the portrait in a way that’s instantly recognisable."

Christian’s ability to capture every detail of a person’s face and character make for spectacular musician portraits that will blow you away with their incredible likeness.

Own an Original Musician Portrait

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Commission A Custom Musician Portrait

Want to honour your musical idol with a stunning musician portrait by acclaimed portrait artist Christian Chapman? Contact our studio now and find out how Christian can bring your exact vision to life with an incredible custom artwork - he can even paint you with your favourite musician!


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