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Who doesn't know Lady Gaga in this day and age? She's been on the top of several music charts around the world since her album 'The Fame' was released in 2008 and is now an established musician that made major contributions to the music industry. She even became a subject of internationally-renowned artists and Lady Gaga's portraits were premiered in some museums.

Back when Lady Gaga was still a rising star, she was getting the attention of people not just with her music but also with her eccentric fashion style. Who can forget Lady Gaga's bizarre fashion statements on several occasions? In 2009, she wore a red leather and latex dress to meet the late Queen Elizabeth II. If we talk about making a daring statement using fashion, we can all agree that using a raw meat dress is on a different level. Lady Gaga attended the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010 wearing a raw meat dress, which can be considered her most famous and most 'controversial' red carpet appearance.

We can all agree that Lady Gaga's music and fashion statements are both amazing. She is an influential icon in the music industry. Thus, it is not surprising that several well-known artists are creating Lady Gaga artwork. Even Tony Bennett, a famous American singer, created a Lady Gaga portrait. Eventually, a photo of Bennett holding up the portrait while Lady Gaga puts her arms around him was used in one of the album's images of "Love for Sale".

How much does Lady Gaga portrait cost?

You can scan the prices of our original paintings here. You can also buy our artwork as canvas fine art prints framed or rolled or in paper prints. Check Christian Chapman's collection of hyper-realistic portraits of your favourite musicians and get your own Lady Gaga portrait for your collection.

Can I order a custom Lady Gaga painting?

Yes. In case you have a different design or image that you envisage, you can send us a message here to discuss. We then be in touch to talk about your budget, size requirement, and design that will suit your space. From there, we will send you a detailed quote.

Are you a 'little monster' who collects Lady Gaga items or simply a person with a deep appreciation for art? You might be interested in adding a Lady Gaga portrait to your collection. You can purchase the original paintings or the fine art prints. We also offer buy now pay later options including Afterpay, Zip, Humm, Klarna, and Lay-Buy. You can make your collection more unique with Christian Chapman's artwork. You may choose to buy one from his collection or commission your very own custom art.

Send us a message and we will be happy to assist you in making your Lady Gaga collection a fabulous one.

Own an Original Musician Portrait

If you’d like to own an original artwork by renowned portrait artist Christian Chapman, check out our original Lady Gaga paintings available on canvas, metal, or painted on a vintage surfboard for a spectacular and unique art piece.

Alternatively, purchase your Lady Gaga artwork as a fine art print - choose from rolled canvas, framed canvas, or paper.

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