Original Canvas Wall Art from Australia for Sale Online

Welcome to the web store and official online presence of Christian Chapman Art, the independent studio of internationally acclaimed portrait artist Christian Chapman. Within this gallery you will see how he is constantly breaking new ground in the field of portraiture with his dynamic and unique style. Christian produces amazing canvas art, while his beloved wife Rachel runs the business and offers a fresh eye for his paintings – their combined energies are what makes the studio great. Art here comes in beautiful colour, impressive size and at an accessible price tag. Whether it’s a subject of your own choice commissioned from Christian or one of the studio’s own imaginings which has caught your eye, a Chapman original canvas is wall art you can centre a room around.

Create the painting you’ve always wanted with a beautiful commission piece

The passion and joy Christian finds through his artwork lead him to enjoy painting almost any style and subject, so his range for commissions is impressively broad. Your commission can be used to produce art of your personal hero, a lost family member, your happiest day together, or almost anything else – paintings are about personal meaning, and Christian Chapman Studios will work with you to ensure the emotion you hold for your subject comes across in the final work. In the past Christian has had great success painting lively, evocative portraits of celebrities and sports stars, where his uncanny talent for capturing the persona of a famous subject serves him well.

Find hidden gems in our extensive online gallery and store

An impressive back catalogue of Christian’s artwork is available for viewing and sale online, both as prints and original canvases. By looking through the various sections, you are bound to find more than a few pieces which catch your eye or would look great hanging on your wall at home. In addition to his famous interpretations of tattooed beauty, Christian also loves to paint spectacular landscapes of sun, sea, and sky – his Ocean Art is a perennial favourite of our online guests.

To commission artwork or discuss other business opportunities, contact the studio ASAP. Corporate enquiries also welcome.