Artwork Unveiled!

Kim G. NSW. Australia.

"Words really cannot describe how excited I was to finally see my painting, I ripped it open with enthusiasm like a kid on Christmas morning!!" "Christian Chapman is an amazing artist and I am so ... Read more

Peter T. QLD. Australia.

"Hey! Got my birthday present today....THANK YOU! What a gorgeous portrait. Leisha is stunning in person, in photo's, even first thing in the morning after getting out of bed." "I'm very blessed t... Read more

Elaine L. QLD. Australia.

"Just a short note to thank you for painting such a beautiful copy of the picture of the tiger I sent you which my son photographed for me. The style you painted on the “Aluminium” frame is unbelie... Read more

Stewart D. VIC. Australia.

"Here is a photo of my older brother (Graeme Dalton) and his Original Christian Chapman Art Painting. As you can see it takes Pride of place on top of his own personal AC/DC shrine. When I presente... Read more

Richard S. Springhill, FLORIDA. USA.

"OMG!!! My original Jimi Hendrix painting came in today its stellar!!! Pics do not do it justice, thank you Christian Chapman artist extraordinaire!!! Its the perfect centerpiece for my pool room, ... Read more

Bek H. SA. Australia.

"Hey Rachel and Christian. Just got home from work and very excited to see the Painting waiting for me at the front door. It's Perfect. I think its absolutely soooooo amazing and I just can't stop ... Read more

Lizzie B. Australia.

"OMG Rachel!!! My painting just arrived and I'm freaking blown away!! Thank you SO MUCH! It is so beautiful. I can't wait to hang it up. Amazing. Thank you and Christian too." Read more

Louise S. New Zealand.

"I want to thank you once again for my fantastical magical Stevie painting. If only the real Stevie could see her, I did send a pic to the Stevie Fan club!!" "I love her and have had so many compli... Read more

Tricia S. SA. Australia.

"Thank you so much for my second wicked painting from Christian, I will treasure them always, love my Led Zeppelin. Its so much better having them in the flesh to see & appreciate. To look at t... Read more

Robert & Helena D. SA. Australia.

"Thanks for the awesome service and great packaging Rachel...took me 30mins to unwrap it hahaha..the painting is unreal..Helena loves it..she couldn't believe I bought it after I told her it was so... Read more

Crystal M. New Zealand.

"When I got home I was so nervous to open it, my hands were shaking and it took me forever to open it LOL when I finally did I turned it around (made sure not to look at it until this moment) I was... Read more

Willow. Alberta. Canada.

"My boyfriend had this portrait of my mother that passed away done for me by Christian and I am absolutely amazed at how it turned out. He completely captured every detail. I would highly recommend... Read more

Caroline A. QLD. Australia.

"Thanks Christian & Rachel - a true replica of our young Dakarai. You have given me a lot more than you realise. Truly a work of art and something that will be treasured for a lifetime." Read more

Frank C. Coral Springs, Florida. USA.

"I purchased this Amy Winehouse piece because it called out to me. Though she was only on this planet for 27 short years, she influenced many people. With her sweet voice, she helped me through the... Read more

Tracey D. VIC. Australia.

“OMG how lucky am I to own the first Original Christian Chapman Elvis on Canvas he has ever painted! My Elvis friends must be so jealous lol. The attention to detail as you can see is beautiful! I ... Read more

Kelly E. Canada.

"THANK YOU!! This is so extremely awesome!! A painting capturing 3 distinct generations of Kung Fu mastery; Bruce Lee, my shifu Chiu Lau and Ip Man. My shifu had passed away at the beginning of thi... Read more

Graham & Elaine L. Australia.

"Wow what an eye catching painting this is. It is on the wall in my lounge and when you walk in the room she looks magnificent. She is certainly a talking point for visitors. Love it thank you." Read more

Kimberly W. WA. Australia.

"Brad opened Chris Cornell last night, we exchange on Christmas eve (I have a European background) and it was the first I would be seeing it as well. It was so hard not to open it when it was deliv... Read more

Graham & Elaine L. QLD. Australia.

"With any art work that you see you know straight away if you like it or not. When I saw Marilyn I just loved her and knew she was mine. I see her every day and never get tired of looking at her. T... Read more