Wil, W. NSW. Australia

"2020 has being an unforgettable year to the say the least. During the initial lockdown period in Sydney, having been stood down from my employer for the foreseeable future, I decided to be upbeat and treat myself to a piece of art; my first original in fact. My passion was to discover something expectational (a beautiful face) in the vein of “Day of the Dead” (ie a Mexican holiday that celebrates those who we have loved & have passed) and in doing so, hopefully having been created by a local artist."

"My search eventually took me to the Bluethumb site and Christian Chapmans stunning array of portraits created using varying mediums. Las Mujeres Española’s - Tattooed Spanish Woman was the stand-out and just the piece I could not turn away from, as it was simply beautiful with a stunning metallic finish."

"Fast forward and she’s all mine, having opened it on Father’s Day, I was taken back just how flawless this piece of art was. You’re a talented artist Christian; thank you to both you and Rachel for making this a reality for me."