Tim P. Saskatchewan. Canada.

"WOW, I couldn't have been more blown away. Often with purchases like this, the anticipation is almost more pleasurable than the actual product arriving (this is so much more than a product but I'll get to that later). While I loved the Cobain and Scott paintings I kinda knew what was coming; not so with the Lennon. It takes a lot to choke me up but there was a big lump in my throat when I unrolled the Lennon. I'm not exaggerating when I say Christian has wildly exceeded my expectations."

"Let me tell you why the painting chokes me up so much. John Lennon and the music of the Beatles has been a force in the background of my life since I was 5 years old (1969). While I've enjoyed the music of other artists more the music and life of John Lennon has always influenced how I think I should live. On December 8th, 1980 I wept with the rest of the world as John Lennon was gunned down. Sadly, 4 days later I lost 2 of the closest friends I have ever had in a car accident. We all "lived free" and "partied hard" and tried hard to hang on to the message of the 60's counter culture (not really knowing why). That one week of trajedy in late 1980 changed me so much. It solidified for me how I should live the rest of my life, fighting the good fight but enjoying the best life has to offer because you truly never know when it will all be taken away."

"The emotions that come from Christian's painting are hard to describe. I think the actual size (its almost life-size) contributes to the experience but it takes me right back to that point in life where what really mattered was friends, family, and fighting hard for what one believes in rather than just fighting to make a living. It may sound corny but I felt it important to let you and Christian know just how powerful this painting is to me."

"Art is subjective (I think my story illustrates why). What isn't subjective is Christians ability to take a picture and an airbrush and pull this kind of emotion out of me (and with none of the background I'm providing now). I've stared at hundreds of pictures and paintings of Lennon; nothing has touched my emotions quite like this. The touch of green and the peace symbol was the icing on the cake. Thank you so much for allowing me to possess such a beautiful and meaningful thing."

"It will take a few weeks to get it mounted and framed but I promise pictures are coming. All the best to you both and thanks for making the world a better place through Art!"

With great thanks,