Tim & Karina G. NSW. Australia.

"Christian and Rachel, I can't express enough how grateful and happy we are with the painting of our son, Rex. I am probably not alone in saying we have thousands of photos of Rex and other great moments in our life and all of them are stored either on our iPhones, computers or if we are organised, a hard drive. We have had every intention of displaying a nice picture of Rex in our home but for whatever reason we have never got around to it."

"Thanks to you both we now have this and so much more. I don't quite know how to explain the feeling of looking at the painting of Rex or why it has such an effect on us. There are so many things that make us stop and stare at the painting. Not least is the subject itself and the talent required to produce it."

"Thanks so much Christian and Rachel, we love it. The painting is our second favourite Rex."