Stewart D. VIC. Australia.

"Here is a photo of my older brother (Graeme Dalton) and his Original Christian Chapman Art Painting. As you can see it takes Pride of place on top of his own personal AC/DC shrine. When I presented it to him he was a little bit taken a back as he had never seen something so awesome. As he was telling me how he was totally amazed that I would do something so special for him I could see a tear in his eye and I knew he appreciated it in a way that I had never seen before."

"This amazing picture has helped me show my brother how much I appreciate all the things he has done for me as we grew up. He loves this picture and I am thankful for Christian Chapman Art helping bring my brother and I even closer together." "Thank-You so much and I wish Rachel and Christian Chapman all the best in their artwork. CHRISTIAN CHAPMAN ART, PEACE AND RESPECT TO YOU!! Because your artwork ROCKS! THANK-YOU SO MUCH!!" Yours Sincerely, Stewart D.