Scott W. New Zealand.

"Hello Rachel and Christian.

Thank you so much for my amazing board, it has been a vision I thought about for a few years now and to bring it to life is amazing and seeing it in my new house that I've just built is so cool.

I've been surfing for over 35 years and Kelly Slater is the same age as me, it's unbelievable how he is surfing at this top world level and still winning makes him one of the best athletes of all time in my eyes. And Andy was just a pit bull loved his style and the rivalry those two had was electric to watch, so sad the demons he fought in his head would take his life.

My partner and I watched the doco again Kissed by God and that photo of them that's on the board comes up together. They hated to loose against each other but had so much respect for each other as well.

Thank you so much Christian for your skills as an artist, truly amazing what you do and the twin fin board you shaped me is epic shame I will never surf it lol.

And Rachel for all your hard work and quick responses to my emails over the last 6 months and your ideas, you guys are amazing."