Kimberly W. WA. Australia.

"Brad opened Chris Cornell last night, we exchange on Christmas eve (I have a European background) and it was the first I would be seeing it as well. It was so hard not to open it when it was delivered but I knew if I did he would have got it earlier."

"His face when he opened it was priceless and I wish I captured that moment. All he was saying is "NO WAY.... YOU DIDNT!!... NO WAY!!!" and just sat and looked at it for ages."

"It is now hanging proudly and beautify on our lounge room wall above our fake fireplace."

"We both really couldn't be happier and will definitely be ordering some more work."

"Rachel, you have been a star the whole way and answered every question and I appreciate everything the both of you have done for us."

"Definitely best Christmas EVER!!"