Julie B. West Palm Beach, Florida. USA.

"I absolutely love my artwork Christian painted for me. 'Vedder III' is exceptionally captivating - I could stare at the painting for hours and not tire of looking at it. The painting draws you into Mr. Vedder’s soul as you reflect upon the grey and black hues throughout, wondering just what Eddies was thinking at the precise moment he stared into the crowd from the stage. It just looks perfect on my wall and I get to see it every day during my workouts! It definitely puts a smile on my face. I always say do what makes you happy in life-and having this artwork commissioned by such a talented artist definitely has made me a happy woman!"

"When my husband went to pick up the piece at the frame shop the clerk at the shop told him that every person who came through the door commented on the painting. One woman in her mid seventies couldn’t take her eyes of it. She told the clerk that she was in awe of the painting-she was amazed at how beautiful the man in the painting looked and how the artist captured that beauty. The clerk asked her if she knew who Eddie Vedder is and she said NO…she just really loved the piece and hadn’t even thought it might be someone famous! I think that is a huge testament to Christian’s artistic ability. This woman was drawn to the piece not because it was Eddie Vedder but because the artist captured the essence of a beautiful man!"

"I look forward to filling up my walls with more art by Christian!! Please thank him personally from me!"

"Take care, it was great doing business with you, Julie"