Jodie G. NSW. Australia

“Ever since I purchased my first painting of Heath Ledger’s ‘Joker’ I knew I had found the right artist to do the painting I’d been wanting for years. Commissioning my ‘Hey, Why So Serious’ painting was such an easy and great transition. From explaining what I wanted and my expectations to receiving it and having my expectations blown away. The size was perfect. The detail was amazing. The waiting was agony. But oh soooo worth it. I’ve had many people want to buy it off me. Most everyone that has seen it has commented on it. It’s definitely the show piece of our house and it takes pride and place in our living room. I am commissioning my next vision but I just can’t decide how I want it.”

“Rachel is awesome and always listens to my ideas. Christian is the best and most talented artist. You will not be disappointed in any works that you may want. I’ve got two and want more. Beetlejuice and the Joker are my guardian angels.”