Jessica A. QLD. Australia.

"My painting just arrived, I opened it and was speechless - I literally held my breath for a second.... I then slowly went up to it and touched it..... It is soooo beautiful and although the pictures online are fantastic!! They are nothing compared to seeing it in real life. I am sooo in love with this painting, I can not stop staring at it..... "

"Thank you so much for making it, and the ironic thing is, I found your page the day you first posted this painting - so it was meant to be mine all along. All I can say to others if they are reading this - if you think you cannot afford a piece of this beautiful art work... you can."

"Rachel and Christian make it realistic for people to own a piece and you can pay it off. Thank you sooo much guys for your beautiful work and cheers Rachel - you have been a pleasure to talk to and I look forward to getting more art..... and Christian - dude you rock!!"