Frank C. Coral Springs, Florida. USA.

"I purchased this Amy Winehouse piece because it called out to me. Though she was only on this planet for 27 short years, she influenced many people. With her sweet voice, she helped me through the roughest time in my life, grieving the loss of a partner of 12 years.

It was my partner who said to me one day . I can't believe YOU don't know about her, you will love her, go get the cd's to-day! It was love at first listen. He passed away August 18, 2010. Then she passed away less than a year after he did. I was crushed. I love having this beautiful painting in my home because when I look at it, I not only think of her, but I also think of him. Christian Chapman is an amazingly talented artist who can capture a soul on canvas. He certainly captured mine. Thank you for creating such a wonderful gift."