Avril D. QLD. Australia.

“Good morning, beautiful people...truly beautiful people..♡”

“It has taken me overnight to even contemplate writing this having received my painting of my beloved brother Matthew by courier yesterday afternoon. I am still in complete awe, to be honest.”

“Rachel and Christian, words are never going to be sufficient to express how much this painting means to myself and my family.”

“What you, dear Christian have managed to achieve can only be summed up in the phrase that my Mum uttered just before she left to go home yesterday... She was teary-eyed with a little wry smile on her face, looking down at the image of our Matty and said..."So, Matty's home..."

“Christian. Rachel. You have given us...especially my Mum, the GREATEST joy possible.”

“I cannot tell you how long we sat there looking at his image in silence, myself, my partner, my best friend and Mum..”

“Your efforts...have eased an ache in this family's soul today. This painting is glorious!”

“Now, I can just go and sit out in the garden he created, with my brother beside me whenever I wish too. You have given me that Christian. My family, our friends a place to remember him. You do this for so many families, bringing dreams to reality. Bringing lost love ones a place to be remembered and admired. Bringing light into lives again. You do this.”