Kerry R. QLD, Australia.

"I wanted to get my man something out of this world for his birthday this year... A friend of mine showed me some of Christian's work and I thought to myself - Damn I wish I could have a painting done by this guy... I worked out with Rachel an affordable payment plan (HELL YES TO PAYMENT PLANS!!!) and it went from there...."

"I chose this picture for Christian to paint up for me with the image of it reflecting the both of us... And what an AMAZING outcome!!! It was well worth the wait to have this package arrive at my work, I couldn't help myself I just HAD to open it all up to just have a looksie... In front of my colleagues I unveiled this unbelievable piece, and I could've fainted (or cried tears of joy)... A rush of excitement, amazement and emotion overcame me - all I wanted to do was give him his present early... And he patiently waited until his birthday to open it... So when his birthday recently came around, he still didn't want to open it but he did. The look on his face was PRICELESS! I was so worried he thought I went far too corny and wouldn't like it, but he loves it!!! He hung it up on the wall and stood there for ages and stared at it... And he still does!!!"

"Christian and Rachel, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!!!! I will be certainly doing business with you again! You made this whole experience awesome!"