“Thanks for the awesome service and great packaging Rachel…took me 30mins to unwrap it hahaha..the painting is unreal..Helena loves it..she couldn’t believe I bought it after I told her it was sold..big thanks again Christian Chapman Art..100 per cent quality workmanship an service..cheers. Rob.”

“I have attached a pic of myself with Christian’s painting…I was like Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman.. Robert was holding the box with the painting inside half opened..saying a present has come for you…. With my pointer finger and thumb I was slowly lifting the cardboard peeking into the box then I quickly pull my fingers away saying is that what I think it is… then I peek in the box.. Once again pulling away saying OMG is that for me… OMG really is that what I think it is… I think I repeated that a few times… Robert said just open it… I couldn’t believe it… I started shaking.. it’s just the best, beautiful painting… I love it.. “