“OH MY GOD!!! Rachel this is so awesome!!! Wow! I am so impressed. My Mom looks so beautiful. You all made her look like a hot babe hahahaha.
I don’t even know if I want to wait until next Friday to give this to her for her birthday. I was trying to keep this on the D.L. and not tell anyone that I had a portrait of her made but dam I’m about to make some calls and get some of my people to check this out. I’m straight loving the Claddagh ring too! Not to mention the Green, White and Orange [Irish Colors]. I can’t stop looking at it. I think that when someone walks into our house now, they’re gonna say “Dam who’s that fine chick on the wall?” Hahaha. My Dad is gonna love it too. Thank you so much.”

[Real Talk] “Not only does Christian deserve credit for this masterpiece painting . . . but so do you (Rachel). Rachel, I’m sure you’re just as lovely in person as you are to work with. There’s not to many people in your position that are so helpful, personable and pleasant to work with. You kept a great communication with me through emails and kept me updated with everything that was going on. I’m sure Christian feels lucky to have you helping him out with everything. I would tell anyone that’s considering getting a painting done, to absolutely got for it. With Christians talent, there’s nothing that can go wrong. Plus there’s payments plans available if necessary. He’ll create a piece of artwork that you can hold onto for life. I look forward to putting Christian up for another challenge when I order another portrait in the near future. Which might just be his one of his biggest artworks yet.”

“Thanks for everything. Much love.”