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Now the Most Exciting Australian Pet Portrait Artist

Best friends, comforters, guardians, helpers, children – our pets play huge roles in our lives. To their owners, the bonds they share with these animal friends are often as significant as any they form with humans, showering their pet with affection and treats as a way of expressing their love. But what can you do to honour and show grief for a pet who has passed on? Or to really proclaim your love for them to your friends and houseguests in a natural, beautiful way? Acclaimed Australian portrait artist, Christian Chapman, is very proud to now offer commissions for pet portraiture – the opportunity to have your special companions depicted on canvas to hang in your home.

Celebrate your bond with your animals

Christian’s pet portraiture service takes advantage of his years of experience in portraiture and art generally to create something more than just a still image of your pet. Inspired by your descriptions of the animal’s habits and looks, Christian’s finely-detailed style will reproduce a living portrait of your pet in their element. Most pets are thought of as creatures in motion, full of life, so it makes sense to hire an artist renowned for vital, lifelike portraiture to ensure you receive a realistic rendition capturing the likeness & unique character of your pet.

Work closely with one of Australia’s most feted artists

A full-size original canvas is an impressive centrepiece for any room in your house, and when your guests first get a glimpse of your new Christian Chapman original it’s guaranteed to start a conversation. Christian has been selling art across America, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for 20 years, earning great fame for his amazing depictions of celebrities, musicians, ocean art & portraits, which combine an eye for photorealistic detail and unique embellishments of neon colour to bring out the unique “aura” of a subject. These qualities lend themselves as well to pet portraiture as they do to Christian’s other works, and by browsing his gallery you will see that no artist can evoke the vibrant, living soul of your pet like Christian.

To commission artwork of your pet, contact the studio ASAP.

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