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Children Portraits


The Most Spectacular Children’s Portrait Artist in Australia

Those who have known the pleasure of being parent to a child know that as soon as one comes into your life, they become the centre of your world. We dote on our children and celebrate their every step, shepherding them through their early life. This is a precious time, and photo albums showing their growth become treasured items for the window they offer back to it in years to come.

If you want to commemorate your child’s youth in a way which truly stands out, however, you should commission a portrait of them from Christian Chapman. His past work is a testament to his ability to paint all of your child’s emotions and energy into a portrait, creating an image which seems ready to spring off the canvas.

The unique technique of our greatest portraitist

The art and portraiture of Christian Chapman is internationally renowned, developing a reputation for lifelike detail and a bold means of applying colour to otherwise monochrome portraits, evoking a sense of new life and movement even in subjects who have been painted hundreds of times. This same irrepressible energy can work wonders for your child’s portrait as well. When you commission an original work from Christian you are purchasing a piece of art, a centrepiece for your home. By commissioning a portrait of your child at such a special moment in their life you are also creating a unique and powerful memory you will both benefit from for years to come.

Contact the studio for commission options today

While prints and original canvases of Christian’s past works are available through his online store, he is also open to commissions for any sort of painting, including children’s portraits. If you would like to negotiate such a commission, please contact the studio directly.

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