Honour Your Sporting Heroes – Amazing Sports Portraits for Sale
Christian Chapman is one of Australia’s leading artists, producing incredible portraits viewed and commissioned worldwide. Recognised for his incredible ability to capture his subjects’ unique personality and flair through splashes of colour, he has painted studies of actresses, musicians, and models. Now, Christian is immortalising sports stars, for whom his dynamic, energetic style is a perfect medium. Christian’s smooth, detailed paintings have the look of sports photography and the feel of handcrafted artwork; they are a perfect, eyecatching centrepiece for any room.
Portraits for a sport-loving Australia
As a society and a culture Australia is consumed by our love of sport and the larger-than-life figures who excel at it, internationally and at home. For many sports fans their favourite teams and players are their idols, inspiring and entertaining in equal measures. More of an emotional tribute than any sporting memorabilia, commissioning an original painting of your hero to hang in your home has a sentimental and aesthetic value that cannot be overestimated. Celebrate and honour the accomplishments of golfers, footballers, MMA fighters and F1 drivers with a masterful portrait from the acclaimed Christian Chapman.
Australia’s leading portrait artist captures sports stars in action
With over twenty years’ experience in the arts, Australia’s Christian Chapman has developed a truly unique style of art, and portraiture in particular, which has led him to international fame. His range of past portrait subjects shows his incredible versatility, and Christian happily accepts commissions for all sorts of artwork. Another of his passions is his ongoing Ocean Art, capturing the intensity and beauty of sunrise over sea.
Prints and original canvases of Christian’s work are available on this site. To commission art of your favourite sports star – or anything else – please contact the studio.