To request a commissioned painting of your loved one please provide the following information so that we can get to know you better. We will then provide artistic ideas and a detailed quote with various size options for you.

To lose a beloved family member, friend, or someone who has captured your heart is impossible to express through words. Grief can take many different forms, but it is a facet of life which we often wish was absent. The difficulty we face upon a loved one leaving us has ever-lasting effects, as we often do our best to remember the positive impact someone had on our lives.

Although grief cannot be measured by any standard, memories prove to be the most valuable avenue of honouring those we’ve lost. At Christian Chapman Art, we offer those which can be displayed for future generations to appreciate – a way to ensure that a loved one is never forgotten.

Christian realised that he could utilise his God-Given talents for others to have a beautiful relic which has the power to incite happy memories. Memories that start with, “I remember when…,” shared around a fireplace, dining room, or living room.

In Christian’s studio lies some of the boldest, dynamic, and realistic portraiture art. These skills are offered to you through his Artistic Memorials Project. In these works, your loved ones can be recreated with a stunning likeness of feature and personality for a timeless visual memory.

These works are entirely customisable in the way of realism, surrealism, spiritual depth…just suggest how you would prefer the work to appear, and he will do the rest. We understand the difficulties being faced by family members and friends, and always ensure that you are treated with the empathy that you require.

Simply contact us when you feel moved to do so, and we will guide you through the process of commissioning a work that you, your family, and friends will appreciate for many years to come.

“My boyfriend had this portrait of my mother that passed away done for me by Christian and I am absolutely amazed at how it turned out. He completely captured every detail. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in getting a portrait done he’s an amazing artist.”