To request a commissioned painting of your favourite Sports Star please provide the following information so that we can get to know you better. We will then provide artistic ideas and a detailed quote with various size options for you.

For centuries, athletes have amazed us with their talent and abilities. Although they may be considered ‘entertainers,’ they are much more than that to a vast majority of us. To children, they are heroes; to adults, they impress us with their physical abilities. Famous MMA fighters, soccer players, football stars; provide a sense of pride for their fans. Christian Chapman is an avid follower of sports himself and pays his respects to those dedicated to achieving excellence. Christian has commissioned numerous works for clients, wishing to pay respects to their favourite athletes. He achieves a level of detail and accuracy which represent these sports figures to the highest standard.

Christian Chapman is undoubtedly among the most skilled portrait artists, along with a tasteful imagination in Australia. He is also sensitive to the desires of the client, as elements of surrealism, expressionism, and realism are determined by the needs of those requesting the commissioned work. You will be guided from start to finish to produce a one-of-a-kind work which will represent the essence of your sporting idol.

“Hi Christian & Rachel. WOW, what an awesome painting of the legendary Tiger Woods. Well done to you Christian, I am so glad I commissioned this painting. I have hung it in my home office and I find it very inspirational seeing the intensity and concentration on his face. Pure FOCUS.”

“We can all learn a lot from the aptitude Tiger has shown to his professional career of golf, even with all its ups, downs and controversies. A true professional, like Tiger, can face anything head on in the realms of adversity and still come out as No. 1.”