Ocean Art

To request a commissioned painting please provide the following information so that we can get to know you better. We will then provide artistic ideas and a detailed quote with various size options for you.

There is nothing more cleansing and rejuvenating than staring at the ocean.

Christian’s love of the sea and surfing roots come through in his life like ocean paintings.

His ability to capture the ‘energy’ and ‘movement’ of the sea is unique and profound. The infinite moods of the water are recreated and expressed majestically via his palette and brush. This ‘energy’ is radiated and brought into your abode inspiring your everyday life.

Brush strokes and colours raw and free, with a beautiful harmony of realism and fantasy. All these elements resonate and pour the beauty of the ocean into your home.

The finest materials are used on all these fine art pieces to ensure you have purchased quality and an investment with guaranteed longevity.

Feel free to contact us and discuss your very own customised commissioned artwork. We can recreate your local beach in colour hues to suit your decor.

Dive into the world of Christian Chapman’s ocean art and inspire your world today.