To request a commissioned painting of your favourite Celebrity please provide the following information so that we can get to know you better. We will then provide artistic ideas and a detailed quote with various size options for you.

Christian Chapman has a gift to bring your favourite celebrity to life and embody their charismatic personalities.

A unique painting of your favourite celebrity can be placed in a location where all of your guests can appreciate your personal taste – not only through the subject you have chosen but also your keen eye for fine artwork.Christian’s artworks of celebrities are the golden standard for likeness, character, and spirit of those who have made us laugh, cry and allow our imaginations to go places we never thought possible.

Upon choosing the celebrity you would like painted, simply contact us here at Christian Chapman Art. You will be guided through the simple process of owning a one-of-a-kind work; suitable for any budget, space, or décor.

“She’s got full view of the lounge room and anybody who comes in won’t be able to miss her. I can’t be more impressed or grateful for such a marvelous painting. Thank you so much.”