Christian Chapman Art testimonials

Jess P. VIC. Australia.

“Omg It arrived today !! I could not cut that box open fast enough !!! Upon seeing it i was speechless …..Christian has gone far beyond my expectations !!! To see the finished product I’am sure Rihanna herself would be Speechless !! Thank you soooo much. This has really put a highlight into my year … Read more "Jess P. VIC. Australia."

Alexandra M. QLD. Australia.

“Initially I ordered the painting for my partner as we needed a main piece for our new house & his choice was this picture- supersized of course “ “Any hesitation I had at the thought of a huge picture of myself hanging on our main lounge room wall subsided when this breathtaking painting was delivered!” … Read more "Alexandra M. QLD. Australia."

Julie B. West Palm Beach, Florida. USA.

“I absolutely love my artwork Christian painted for me. ‘Vedder III’ is exceptionally captivating – I could stare at the painting for hours and not tire of looking at it. The painting draws you into Mr. Vedder’s soul as you reflect upon the grey and black hues throughout, wondering just what Eddies was thinking at … Read more "Julie B. West Palm Beach, Florida. USA."

Jamie S. Grand Junction, COLORADO, USA.

“I ordered the painting for my husband for Christmas and he completly adores it! I got the email that it was on its way and and i check the status every few hours. My door bell rang and I knew it was here! I wanted to hug the UPS guy for bringing it to me … Read more "Jamie S. Grand Junction, COLORADO, USA."

Kelly E. Canada.

“Absolutely brilliant custom work by Christian Chapman Art perfectly capturing two of my ‘Historical Heroes’. Christian far-exceeded expectations on my request (I knew he would!) and the result is this incredible and permanent addition to my home. Thank you Christian!! Thanks Rachel!” Kelly E. Canada. Commissioned Painting of Albert Einstein & Nikola Tesla Original Airbrushed … Read more "Kelly E. Canada."

Tracey D. VIC. Australia.

“OMG how lucky am I to own the first Original Christian Chapman Elvis on Canvas he has ever painted! My Elvis friends must be so jealous lol. The attention to detail as you can see is beautiful! I have quite a few Elvis Memorabilia Pictures but nothing compares to this one!” “Thank you Christian for … Read more "Tracey D. VIC. Australia."

Hayley C. Queenstown. New Zealand.

“We love our painting! Is such a great addition to our bedroom. Such great detail and a really nice piece of artwork!” Hayley, C. Queenstown, New Zealand. ‘Dia De Los Monroe’ Limited Edition Print on Canvas 76cm x 76cm

Kelly E. Canada.

“THANK YOU!! This is so extremely awesome!! A painting capturing 3 distinct generations of Kung Fu mastery; Bruce Lee, my shifu Chiu Lau and Ip Man. My shifu had passed away at the beginning of this year and I am extremely grateful to Christian for composing such a beautiful painting to honour him. Amituofo. Thank … Read more "Kelly E. Canada."

Graham & Elaine L. Australia.

“Wow what an eye catching painting this is. It is on the wall in my lounge and when you walk in the room she looks magnificent. She is certainly a talking point for visitors. Love it thank you.”

Kimberly W. WA. Australia.

“Brad opened Chris Cornell last night, we exchange on Christmas eve (I have a European background) and it was the first I would be seeing it as well. It was so hard not to open it when it was delivered but I knew if I did he would have got it earlier.” “His face when … Read more "Kimberly W. WA. Australia."

Graham & Elaine L. QLD. Australia.

“With any art work that you see you know straight away if you like it or not. When I saw Marilyn I just loved her and knew she was mine. I see her every day and never get tired of looking at her. Thanks Christian for painting her she gives me great pleasure.”

Darin R. New York. USA.

“I can’t express enough how awesome this painting turned out. Amazing artist and great people to deal with. Highly recommended!”

Tallyn & Danielle. WA. Australia.

“I had this piece commissioned for my partner as a present for our 1st anniversary together. Once I had seen Christian’s work I knew exactly what I wanted to get Danielle. Trying to find the right concept was the hard part but Christian and Rachel were so very helpful and made the whole process a … Read more "Tallyn & Danielle. WA. Australia."

Vanessa H. NSW. Australia.

“She’s got full view of the lounge room and anybody who comes in won’t be able to miss her. I can’t be more impressed or grateful for such a marvelous painting. Thank you so much.”

Melissa P. Clifton, Colorado, USA.

“I’m at a loss for words. After frantically cutting back tape from the box, I opened the bubble wrap and tears filled my eyes as I stared at the most special gift I have ever had to give my husband. He is so thrilled with the work you did! I’m so honored to have been … Read more "Melissa P. Clifton, Colorado, USA."

Sharon W. NSW. Australia.

“WOW!!! I have received my commissioned painting of GERARD WAY. Words can’t express how happy and excited I am. Thank you so much Christian. What an amazing talent you have. And to you Rachel for making it possible to have and own, my very own Gerard Way.” “My painting is AMAZING….its perfection. Every little detail … Read more "Sharon W. NSW. Australia."

Jessica A. QLD. Australia.

“My painting just arrived, I opened it and was speechless – I literally held my breath for a second…. I then slowly went up to it and touched it….. It is soooo beautiful and although the pictures online are fantastic!! They are nothing compared to seeing it in real life. I am sooo in love … Read more "Jessica A. QLD. Australia."

Louise S. New Zealand.

“I want to thank you once again for my fantastical magical Stevie painting. If only the real Stevie could see her, I did send a pic to the Stevie Fan club!!” “I love her and have had so many compliments about her. Thank you for the best present I have had, my birthday, xmas and … Read more "Louise S. New Zealand."

Jennifer B. Texas, USA.

“Christian and Rachel, thank you so very much for the fkn gorgeous print! I can’t express to you the feelings that build up in me when I look at it…..absolutely mesmerizing. Xoxo”

Tricia S. SA. Australia.

“Thank you so much for my second wicked painting from Christian, I will treasure them always, love my Led Zeppelin. Its so much better having them in the flesh to see & appreciate. To look at them on my wall all the time as well, so keep up the absolutely fantastic work, ur a very … Read more "Tricia S. SA. Australia."

Robert & Helena D. SA. Australia.

“Thanks for the awesome service and great packaging Rachel…took me 30mins to unwrap it hahaha..the painting is unreal..Helena loves it..she couldn’t believe I bought it after I told her it was sold..big thanks again Christian Chapman Art..100 per cent quality workmanship an service..cheers. Rob.” “I have attached a pic of myself with Christian’s painting…I was … Read more "Robert & Helena D. SA. Australia."

Crystal M. New Zealand.

“When I got home I was so nervous to open it, my hands were shaking and it took me forever to open it LOL when I finally did I turned it around (made sure not to look at it until this moment) I was stunned! Tears started pooling in my eyes. I couldn’t get over … Read more "Crystal M. New Zealand."

Willow. Alberta. Canada.

“My boyfriend had this portrait of my mother that passed away done for me by Christian and I am absolutely amazed at how it turned out. He completely captured every detail. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in getting a portrait done he’s an amazing artist”

Vicki S. VIC. Australia.

“I was sooooo excited when the courier arrived with 27 Eternal. I rushed inside to open it. It was supposed to be a gift for my son for his 21st, but I was way too excited to keep it hidden until then. As soon as my son arrived home I gave the painting to him.” … Read more "Vicki S. VIC. Australia."

Caroline A. QLD. Australia.

“Thanks Christian & Rachel – a true replica of our young Dakarai. You have given me a lot more than you realise. Truly a work of art and something that will be treasured for a lifetime.”

Frank C. Coral Springs, Florida, USA.

“I purchased this Amy Winehouse piece because it called out to me. Though she was only on this planet for 27 short years, she influenced many people. With her sweet voice, she helped me through the roughest time in my life, grieving the loss of a partner of 12 years.” “It was my partner who … Read more "Frank C. Coral Springs, Florida, USA."

Paul R. QLD, Australia.

“Absolutely love my painting of Joey Jordison from Slipknot. Awsome art work, I couldn’t be happier. Thankyou so very much.”

Michelle B. VIC. Australia.

“Huge massive thanks for this amazing piece of art that just arrived!! To say I’m happy is an understatement thanks guys love, love, love it!!”

Kim G. NSW. Australia.

“Words really cannot describe how excited I was to finally see my painting, I ripped it open with enthusiasm like a kid on Christmas morning!!” “Christian Chapman is an amazing artist and I am so proud to now own the original ‘Break on through to Lithium’, Christians work is in a league of his own … Read more "Kim G. NSW. Australia."

Luke R. Hawthorne. Australia.

“Thanks Christian for the great paintings someday I will have a house full of your work.”

Peter T. QLD. Australia.

“Hey! Got my birthday present today….THANK YOU! What a gorgeous portrait. Leisha is stunning in person, in photo’s, even first thing in the morning after getting out of bed.” “I’m very blessed to have a Smokin’ Hot wife. Thank you for portraying Leisha in such a lovely way.”

Elaine L. QLD. Australia.

“Just a short note to thank you for painting such a beautiful copy of the picture of the tiger I sent you which my son photographed for me. The style you painted on the “Aluminium” frame is unbelievable and the tones change in the different light formations which gives the painting a uniqueness which can’t … Read more "Elaine L. QLD. Australia."

Aly P. SA. Australia.

“I couldn’t be ANY happier.. Made me cry… THANK YOU CHRISTIAN & RACHEL “

Stewart D. VIC. Australia.

“Here is a photo of my older brother (Graeme Dalton) and his Original Christian Chapman Art Painting. As you can see it takes Pride of place on top of his own personal AC/DC shrine. When I presented it to him he was a little bit taken a back as he had never seen something so … Read more "Stewart D. VIC. Australia."

Christian B. Canada.

“Come home after a long day at work to find Dimebag hanging on my wall!!!! Christian Chapman Print $60 Professional Framing $150 Dimebag Darrell chilling on the wall in your living room PRICELESS!”

Richard S. Springhill, FLORIDA, USA.

“OMG!!! My original Jimi Hendrix painting came in today its stellar!!! Pics do not do it justice, thank you Christian Chapman artist extraordinaire!!! Its the perfect centerpiece for my pool room, I will be ordering more prints and having you do an original of my daughter for me very soon! Im so excited thank you … Read more "Richard S. Springhill, FLORIDA, USA."

Bek H. SA. Australia.

“Hey Rachel and Christian. Just got home from work and very excited to see the Painting waiting for me at the front door. It’s Perfect. I think its absolutely soooooo amazing and I just can’t stop looking at it!!” “I’ve had my other picture of Jimi for soo long and now I have a new … Read more "Bek H. SA. Australia."

Lizzie B. Australia.

“OMG Rachel!!! My painting just arrived and I’m freaking blown away!! Thank you SO MUCH! It is so beautiful. I can’t wait to hang it up. Amazing. Thank you and Christian too.”

Chelsea C. SA. Australia.

“Janis sings again! Thanks so much guys, couldn’t be more pleased!”

Amy N. Australia.

“Just got my prints back! They look amazing. It’s hard to see in this pic but the canvas has been stretched over a frame, then theres a few mm gap and a black frame surrounding. They match perfectly!!!”

Nick C. VIC. Australia.

“Big shout out to Christian and Rachel never even planned on buying a surf board till I seen this it’s beautiful great work!!!! Can’t wait 4 my other 2!!!! Thanks again cheers CLARKEY!!!!”

Ric H. NT. Australia

“I got myself this Tori Amos painting from Christian Chapman Art and MAN, she came up SO WELL!!! As soon as Christian saw the photo I sent him to paint from, he came back with his ideas on what would look best for this image. I’m glad I listened and let him do a B&W … Read more "Ric H. NT. Australia"

Danielle. USA.

“I received my painting today and all I want say is thank you. It is beautiful and looks just like Kalen. Your husband is a very talented man and I am proud to hang the painting in my house. In fact this painting is now one of my most treasured items. It is almost as … Read more "Danielle. USA."

Jess A. QLD. Australia.

“This is my Jack White painting I had painted by Christian Chapman. I love this piece! I gave the artist an idea and creative license! It’s a beautiful piece, I love the fact he respected and took my ideas personal like they where his own.” “The experience I have had with the art is a … Read more "Jess A. QLD. Australia."

Donnetta Z. Colorado, USA.

“Christian you have truly, truly outdone yourself on my Hendrix painting, I waited and waited for the UPS man this afternoon. When I got it out of the tube I was stunned by the beauty of it. You captured exactly what I wanted and I could not wait for all to see. THANK YOU SO … Read more "Donnetta Z. Colorado, USA."

Paul H. VIC. Australia.

“This is my custom designed Pink Floyd piece, I had some input but most of this was designed by Christian himself which I was more than happy to do as his work speaks for itself. This frame is a whopping 900x1200mm in size which looks brilliant on my bedroom wall with nothing else around it. … Read more "Paul H. VIC. Australia."

Nadine B. TAS. Australia.

“I just got my Christian Chapman Rock painting I had commissioned and it is beautiful. If you love art and rock music, or you want an original piece of art of yourself or your partner, see these guys, they do the most awesome work. I’m very, very pleased with my piece even if it was … Read more "Nadine B. TAS. Australia."

Tricia S. SA. Australia.

“Thank u so much, u have made my day !!! Absolutely love it, will treasure it always !!!! U do such a magnificent job, keep up the great work !!! wooo hooo love it.”

Graeme T. British Columbia, Canada.

“I’m completely in love with my Eddie Vedder painting from Christian. Getting it plaque mounted next week! Stoked!”

Analyse. Australia.

“I feel like this artwork was made especially for me because the girl in this picture reminds me of me. Every time I see this picture it makes me happy. I love it. It hangs on my wall right next to where I sleep. Thank you. Love Analyse”

Paul H. VIC. Australia.

“Here is my Nirvana painting by Christian that I have purchased. It looks way better in person; it’s great I love it!”

Jason W. NSW. Australia.

“They say advertising pays for itself, that is indeed the case — especially if you consistently blog about your favourtite artists like I do. I came across Christian Chapman’s unique body of work through Facebook advertising, I was then led to his ‘Rock Musicians’ page and personal website. “ “As a fellow fan of Tori … Read more "Jason W. NSW. Australia."

Tim P. Saskatchewan, Canada.

“WOW, I couldn’t have been more blown away. Often with purchases like this, the anticipation is almost more pleasurable than the actual product arriving (this is so much more than a product but I’ll get to that later). While I loved the Cobain and Scott paintings I kinda knew what was coming; not so with … Read more "Tim P. Saskatchewan, Canada."

Scotty & Chrissy T. QLD. Australia.

“Hey Guys…. thanks so much for our Slash painting!!!! So fricking amazing!!!! Once again you have created us another amazing painting….. Everyone who walks in is blown away by the detail and how phenomenal your work is… thanks again.”

Luke R. QLD. Australia.

“Hi all this is my new art piece by Christian Chapman and what an artist he is, as soon as i seen the Dimebag Darrell painting i had to have it. Not to mention alot of other art works that will be making there way to the walls on my house. So get amongst this … Read more "Luke R. QLD. Australia."

Anthony C. Yonkers, New York, USA.

“Dear Rachel, I just received my painting!! I am so thoroughly impressed. I cannot begin to thank you for making this a reality for me! It was absolutely amazing!! I loved all the colors that were used. I just can’t think of the words to express how happy I am with it! And once you … Read more "Anthony C. Yonkers, New York, USA."

Vicki S. Australia.

“My son and I were so thrilled to receive his portrait on Monday. We could hardly wait to get through the wrapping to see what it looked like! I must say that we were both blown away by Christian’s attention to detail! My son is absolutely over the moon.” “Everybody that has seen the painting is amazed … Read more "Vicki S. Australia."

Rory O. QLD. Australia.

“Christian has done some of my surfboard art which I absolutely love, and when I saw this print of Anthony Kiedis I had to have one. It holds pride of place in my bedroom above one of my daily affirmations. It’s an awesome print and the quality of Christians work is exceptional, I’d highly recommend … Read more "Rory O. QLD. Australia."

Megan M. QLD. Australia.

“I’m one of the lucky ones, fortunately I am friends with Rachel and Christian and receive Christian’s art as beautiful gifts for my birthdays, this is the second Dave Grohl painting they have given me, so I’m one very appreciated friend. I have been one of Christians number one fans, he still amazes me with … Read more "Megan M. QLD. Australia."

Ric H. NT. Australia.

“My house looks GREAT with my Christian Chapman pieces! This is only half of my collection, two more paintings need to be placed in my study… Stay tuned! Thx again, Christian and Rachel, love it.”

Ben C. SA. Australia

“Dear Christian and Rachel, My name is Ben and 2 days ago i received a beautiful portrait of Stevie Ray Vaughan for my birthday from my brothers and sisters in law. It was a surprise and I am notoriously difficult to get presents for.” “My sister in law Erin said she gave you a little … Read more "Ben C. SA. Australia"

Vanessa P. Australia

“Absolutely thrilled to bits with Jethro’s portrait!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Kerry R. QLD, Australia.

“I wanted to get my man something out of this world for his birthday this year… A friend of mine showed me some of Christian’s work and I thought to myself – Damn I wish I could have a painting done by this guy… I worked out with Rachel an affordable payment plan (HELL YES … Read more "Kerry R. QLD, Australia."

Phil C. – Virginia Beach

“OH MY GOD!!! Rachel this is so awesome!!! Wow! I am so impressed. My Mom looks so beautiful. You all made her look like a hot babe hahahaha. I don’t even know if I want to wait until next Friday to give this to her for her birthday. I was trying to keep this on … Read more "Phil C. – Virginia Beach"

Julie B. West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

“Yet again…Christian Chapman Rocks! I am extremely thrilled with my purchase of “Arms Raised in a V” and “Lemon Yellow Sun”. They are magnificent pieces that make me smile every time I look at them. And the process couldn’t have been any easier – you would never know that I am in the US and … Read more "Julie B. West Palm Beach, Florida, USA."

Frank C. Coral Springs, Florida, USA.

“I purchased this Amy Winehouse piece because it called out to me. Though she was only on this planet for 27 short years, she influenced many people. With her sweet voice, she helped me through the roughest time in my life, grieving the loss of a partner of 12 years.” “It was my partner who … Read more "Frank C. Coral Springs, Florida, USA."

Ryan M. Fort McMurray, AB CANADA

“I absolutely love my print from Christian and Rachel. Your work is AMAZING!!! Keep it coming!”

Dawn S. USA.

“I recently bought a print for my Mother from Christian Chapman Art. From the beginning to the end Rachel has been nothing but a dear and helped me out every way she could to make sure I got the print I wanted and it was delivered safely. When I received it I was so excited. … Read more "Dawn S. USA."

Brodie. VIC, Australia.

“I would like to thank you very much (Rachel and Christian) for the amazing artwork presented to me. I am a mad Paramore fan and just adore the print, I was over the moon when it arrived. The colours are brilliant and it looks fantastic on my bedroom wall.”

Cherie D. California. USA.

“Conner totally stoked with his gift!!! Thank you Christian Chapman for you incredible work!!!!!”


“Thanks guys for this awesome Dave Mustaine that my beautiful fiancé organised for my Christmas present. Love it so much!”

D.J. California, USA.

“Super job on it Christian, we will keep collecting.”

Cristie S. New Jersey. USA.

“Hi Rachel! The print of Dave Grohl captures his essence, beauty and rockingness. I am proud to have this beautiful print hanging in my room!” “Thank you for the wonderful and kind service you provided through the process. You made it very easy for me and I will always recommend you to my friends and … Read more "Cristie S. New Jersey. USA."

Wayne H. Florida, USA

“I want to thank you guys so much for this!!! This was a surprise gift from my girlfriend & it is by far the best gift I have ever received as I am a die hard Zeppelin fan!!!!”

Avril D. QLD. Australia.

“Seriously guys…even if you do the payment plan…Christian’s masterpieces are worth every penny spent…I would sound like a total nutjob if I uttered the words…LIFECHANGING…but, I would not be far off…having the image of somebody in your life that has meant something to you for as long as you can remember…painted by a man who … Read more "Avril D. QLD. Australia."

Alexandra M. QLD. Australia.

“Initially I ordered the painting for my partner as we needed a main piece for our new house & his choice was this picture- supersized of course “ “Any hesitation I had at the thought of a huge picture of myself hanging on our main lounge room wall subsided when this breathtaking painting was delivered!” … Read more "Alexandra M. QLD. Australia."

Daniel B. Las Cruces, NM. USA.

“Thank you guys so much, it’s exactly what I was looking for and got the painting pretty fast for being overseas..Im looking forward to getting more paintings and love the fact that you guys work out payment plans..great job again can’t wait until i get my next painting. Daniel”

Daniel T. USA.

“Firstly, Amy Winehouse what can I say.. If it wasn’t for this woman I wouldn’t be making my new album, or even have released my debut single a cover of Amy’s track ‘You’re Wondering Now’. The night of my single launch my best friend purchased this amazing artwork so that Amy could be looking down over … Read more "Daniel T. USA."

Lucy W. QLD. Australia.

“Just a quick note to tell you all how amazing the new phone covers are! I have admired Christian’s artworks for so long and jumped at the chance to have one with me daily! I get so many comments from people about how incredible and unique it is. I’m already looking at getting more! Thanks … Read more "Lucy W. QLD. Australia."

Ken. Australia.

“I was just blown away with the painting that my friends and family so thoughtfully commissioned Christian Chapman to paint for my 60th birthday. It was such a wonderful gesture and the painting itself is just amazing. I absolutely love it.”

Graham L. QLD. Australia.

“Hi Christian & Rachel. WOW, what an awesome painting of the legendary Tiger Woods. Well done to you Christian, I am so glad I purchased the original of this painting. I have hung it in my home office and I find it very inspirational seeing the intensity and concentration on his face. Pure FOCUS.” “We … Read more "Graham L. QLD. Australia."

Mequa M. QLD. Australia.

“Hi Christian and Rachel, I was really excited and slightly emotional when I saw my painting for the first time!” “I am so happy that I purchased this exquisite piece from you ‘Golden Soul’. Worth every cent and something I will cherish throughout my life.”  “It’s inspiring to see your talents come to life on … Read more "Mequa M. QLD. Australia."

Cristie S. USA.

“Thanks again, Christian! I love my Dave Grohl iPhone case and the artwork is just beautiful!! I have included my Dave Grohl print in the background of my photos. You have once again captured the beautiful essence of my Hero!!!”

Mel. Australia.

“Thanx 4 the awesome replica guys Luv It”

Jennifer J. Australia.

“To Christian and Rachel you are beautiful! Got home to a wonderful surprise! Our canvas of Indy Nitro and Calais is so so special and so so beautiful. It is unbelievable. Truly grateful from the bottom of our hearts! I cant stop looking at it! And funny thing too (well quite amazing actually).” “I put … Read more "Jennifer J. Australia."

Tim & Karina G. NSW. Australia.

“Christian and Rachel, I can’t express enough how grateful and happy we are with the painting of our son, Rex. I am probably not alone in saying we have thousands of photos of Rex and other great moments in our life and all of them are stored either on our iPhones, computers or if we … Read more "Tim & Karina G. NSW. Australia."

Ana, C. Gold Coast. Australia.

“So unbelievably happy with my birthday pressie! I love her more than words can say! Thank you Thank you Thank you!” Limited Edition Print of Marilyn Monroe ‘Vintage Marilyn’ 76cm x 60cm

Lance, H. Gold Coast. Australia.

“Awesome painting. Fantastic work Christian Chapman Art. I love it.” Original Painting of Angus Young ‘Angus on Fire’ 76cm x 60cm

Jayadev, E. Chrischurch, New Zealand.

“I purchased this amazing and unique painting of Eddie Vedder from Christian Chapman Art as a gift for my partner Jayadev for his birthday. Making the decision of which canvas to go with for this epic gift was made so much easier through contacting Rachel. She was so helpful and made it so easy to … Read more "Jayadev, E. Chrischurch, New Zealand."

Luke, R. Sunshine Coast, QLD. Australia.

“The new addition to the family has arrived thank you very much Christian Chapman Art” Original Painting of Bob Marley ‘Marley’ 76cm x 60cm Original Hand Paint Brush / Airbrush on Canvas

Michelle, B. USA.

“I want to thank you so much for the breath taking picture that has been made for my husband! I can not explain all the emotions he had when he opened this. When I explained his color deficit to you, you captured the one color he can see…blue…. You have captured Billy Corgan as he … Read more "Michelle, B. USA."

Shaun, C. Ontario. Canada.

“The realism is spectacular! Thank you so much for this painting Christian! I will cherish it for a long time to come.” Original Hand Airbrushed Painting of Dave Grohl ‘D.G.’ 92cm x 76cm

Laura, U. Florida, USA.

“I have no words to express how I feel. This painting is incredible. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I’m beyond happy with my Amy ‘Daddy’s Girl’. Just shortly after receiving this painting I found out my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and this Daddy’s Girl painting means a lot to me. … Read more "Laura, U. Florida, USA."

Crystal, G. New Mexico, USA.

“I love it! The details are amazing, and I believe that it captures something that videos, interviews, and photographs never could! Thank you so much for such a wonderful piece.” Limited Edition Print of Kurt Cobain on Paper ‘Cover the Hair in Your Eyes’ 30cm x 23cm

Jeff, N. Alberta, Canada.

“Once again, thanks for the incredible artwork of Jeff Hanneman, Christian. Hard to believe no one had scooped this one up before I’d made the purchase!??? I have yet to have them properly mounted though – it is great to finally display them!” Original Painting of Jeff Hanneman ‘Jeff H’ Original Acrylic Airbrush on Rolled … Read more "Jeff, N. Alberta, Canada."

Bianca, F. QLD. Australia.

“I came across the Christian Chapman Art page because of a hashtag on Dave Grohl on fb!! Being completely DG obsessed I had to have him!! Such a easy transaction and great people to deal with! Thank you I will treasure it forever!” Original Painting of Dave Grohl ‘Grohl in Black II’ Original Acrylic Hand … Read more "Bianca, F. QLD. Australia."

Jim, F. Illinois, USA.

“Thanks for capturing the personality and energy of my favorite band in the painting you created for me! When I first laid eyes on it, I got the goosebumps. Now, I just sit back with a beer in my hand, stare at it, and smile ear to ear. Like Metallica, you rock!” Original Commissioned Painting … Read more "Jim, F. Illinois, USA."

Amanda, R. Caboolture, QLD. Australia.

This Original Painting was a Gift from Amanda’s Sister Kerry & Brother in Law Lyndon for Christmas! From Amanda: “I am speechless! I fucking love it! Awesome job! BJ loves it! You rock!” From Kerry & Lyndon: “Thank you Christian for another beautiful piece! We love what you have done! I’m so glad Amanda and … Read more "Amanda, R. Caboolture, QLD. Australia."