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Wedding Portraits


Australia’s Most Talented Wedding Portrait Painter – For Hire

For the lucky couple involved, getting married will no doubt be one of the most important memories of their lives. Nowadays it is almost standard to hire a wedding photographer to help record the special day so you can enjoy and share those memories in years to come; but in an extensive wedding album the truly unique moments from the day’s coverage can blend together. Make your best time together something magical when you commission Christian Chapman Art – leading Australian painter and portraitist – to immortalise it in an original painting, which you can then hang in your home!

Commission a wedding portrait which brings your love to life

When you purchase original art of your wedding from an artist as prolific and skilful as Christian Chapman, you know that your love will be well represented and that the final product will be worth showing off. Christian has won acclaim and patronage from around the world for his unique style of portraiture, incorporating vibrant colours and an unmatched attention to the details which makes his paintings bloom with life and movement. While much of Christian’s past body of portrait artwork features his distinctive combination of monochrome base and neon accents, he also has experience producing beautiful paintings in traditional colour schemes, as can be seen from his gallery. This versatility of depth and talent leaves Christian well equipped to cover any wedding and produce artwork which you find appealing.

Paintings as the perfect wedding gift or honeymoon surprise

Not every wedding day can incorporate portraiture, but every home has room for a unique and special work of love from Christian Chapman Art. Christian has experience in producing portraits from photographs – why not surprise your loved one with an original painting capturing their beauty at this special time? Alternatively, a painting of the newlywed couple together at another memorable point of their life can make for a show-stealing wedding gift. Commissioned portraits from Christian seem to breathe the life and energy of the subject; there is a special magic to these lovingly crafted artworks which gives them a deeper significance than any photograph. The options for such portraits are endless, so speak to the studio today and enquire about commission prices.

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