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Tattooed Portraits


Awesome Portraits Featuring Tattoo Art – Prints for Sale

Every portrait done by Christian Chapman is uniquely compelling in its own way. With over 20 years of art practice under his belt Christian has learnt to bring his unique perspective to make almost any subject sing with beauty, but it has rarely served him better than in his portraits of famous and beautiful women. Bringing out the unique characteristics of each of his models, ordinary women and celebrities alike, Christian’s masterful use of hand paint brush & airbrush techniques and vivid patches of colour have taken the world by storm. And nowhere is that artistic flair and panache more visible than in his series of Tattooed Portraits, which offer an insight into his preferred, gothic aesthetic.

A stark and darkly gothic idea of beauty

While Christian does have a fantastic and extensive gallery of conventional portraits, he loves to work with alternative beauties and play with the visuals of ornate, often morbid tattoos. The traditional Mexican holiday festival of Dia de los Muertos and its eye-catching, distinctively colourful skull makeup have been a recurring inspiration in this series. Some of Christian’s most beautiful and imaginative works have featured the Dia de los Muertos facepaint applied to classic Hollywood beauties, such as in “Hepburn De Los Muertos”, his fantastic reimagining of an earlier portrait featuring the actress.

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Every house needs those special touches of art and life to make it a home; make yours a talking point by adding some original works from one of Australia’s most prominent portraitists. Look through the online gallery and store of Christian Chapman Art and find yourself the perfect print from our collection.

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