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Visions of a Woman from Australia’s greatest portrait artist

In addition to a vast array of other works, the online store at Christian Chapman Art offers a full collection of Christian’s candid portraits, painted of and for various women over the years. There are no better examples of the style and panache which have made Christian famous than in these artworks, each of which depicts a woman in a portrait style and bold, simple palette which evokes a specific ideal of her beauty. Presented individually or in combination, they have a huge visual impact and will draw the eye in deeper with every viewing.

Take your pick of Christian’s monochrome maidens

Browsing through the gallery of Christian’s work is as much an affirmation of the startling variety of feminine beauty as it is of his ability as a portrait artist to show off what makes each woman special. Each one relates to the canvas in a different way, and even within his consistent “violent colour over monochrome detail” style Christian finds a unique way to relate to each one. The colours and angles he chooses produce some incredible effects using only his vivacious subjects, such that any viewer could find one to fit their taste. The anonymity of the women and the intentionally vague titling of each piece adds to the impression that these are not just portraits of beautiful people, but works of artistic depth; they hang comfortably on the wall of any home.

Commission or buy these fantastic display pieces today

As some of Christian’s most consistently popular and in-demand works, these beautiful portraits make a great purchase as a gift or home decoration. Both prints and, in some cases, the original canvas can be purchased in the website’s store. If Christian’s ability as a portrait artist has impressed you and you would like to commission a piece of yourself or a special someone, please contact the studio as soon as possible to secure your place in line.