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Ocean Studies


One-Of-A-Kind Ocean Artwork for Sale

Are you looking to redecorate, or just add a bit of flair to your home or office? As one of Australia’s foremost portraitists, Christian Chapman has spent over 20 years producing incredible, dynamic paintings that feature sports stars, musicians, and his alternative take on feminine beauty. With time, he has achieved international fame and regard for this portrait art, especially his distinctive style of brightly coloured accents over monochrome shaded detail. It has become his hallmark, but this type of artwork has never represented the whole of Christian’s passion. He sees it as one part of his work, the “ying” of his painting, and the balancing “yang” is his breathtaking Ocean Art.

Amazing landscapes captured through the eyes of a local

“I’ve always been drawn to the ocean. I grew up with a vast view of the sea. I love its infinite moods – cleansing, raw and relentless, void of control”.

Christian’s efforts in capturing the natural beauty of his local ocean views are hugely meaningful to him as an artist. As an embodiment of the deep, splendid spirituality which he shares with his wife and business partner Rachel, these sea-and-sky images speak to the serenity underlying the natural forces around us.

Christian is extremely passionate about his local seaside and channels his experiences with it into these paintings, producing the awesome views and picturesque waters from memory. The same attention to detail and sense for inspiring imagery which allows him to produce such memorable portraits allows Christian to channel the stillness, fury, and glory of the sea into some truly moving paintings.

Own original art by one of Australia’s most talented painters

Christian Chapman Art has original canvases and limited edition prints of Christian’s Ocean Art and portrait work available for viewing and purchase online at any time. You can also commission Christian to paint a subject of your choosing – he is extremely flexible and open to trying different styles. To arrange these opportunities, contact the studio.