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Jimi Hendrix


The Most Faithful Jimi Hendrix Artwork for Sale

Rising from hardship and obscurity to era-defining dominance, before leaving us in his prime, few have burned as brightly as the legend Jimi Hendrix. Named the greatest guitarist and one of the greatest artists of all time by Rolling Stone, Jimi’s look and life, not to mention his transcendent music, have inspired many throughout the years. A painting of him makes for a beautiful tribute to his memory and his time, and there could be not better artist to portray the colourful master of “Purple Haze” than the acclaimed Christian Chapman.

Know the many faces of Hendrix

There are so many famous images of Jimi that those looking to portray his definitive look would find themselves spoilt for choice. Christian Chapman’s solution has been to paint all of them, turning out one stunning Hendrix portrait after another for his adoring fans. Browsing the selection of images, whether they show Hendrix introspective, performing in full flight or with his fellow members of the infamous “27 club”, gives you some idea of how versatile Hendrix – and Christian – can be. And since the tide of Hendrix fandom isn’t drying up any time soon, it’s likely Christian will continue to add to his catalogue of interpretations.

The talent to bring life to a legend

Doing justice to such a beloved and iconic personage as Jimi Hendrix is no small task, but Christian Chapman has the skill and panache to pull it off in style. One of Australia’s leading portraitists, his work depicting celebrities and gothic beauties is hung and admired worldwide.

Praised for his selective use of bright, neon colour to bring out the personality of his subject’s the psychedelic rocker is perhaps the perfect subject for Christian – his portraits of Hendrix have become more and more ambitious, up to the consuming beauty of “Jimi Kaleidoscope II”. Pick up one of them through his online gallery and store, and you may find that the spirit of Jimi Hendrix similarly inspires you to push your boundaries in life.