About Rachel Chapman

The Force Behind the Art – Rachel Chapman

There is a lot going on behind the scenes of Christian’s pieces, and the force behind the artist is his wife, Rachel Chapman. She runs all the inner workings of the art, making sure everything is in its place.

Rachel has a wonderful talent and eye for art: she helps Christian when he needs a new idea or fresh perspective on a piece, and with her assistance they form an impressive artistic team. Rachel has corresponded with some of the country’s finest art galleries and she has a wealth of experience in liaising with galleries.

Rachel is a business school attendee and from a young age has worked very hard, this has gained her years of experience in business, culminating in her great success as Director & Manager of Christian Chapman Art.

A wonderful inspiration

An inspiring woman, Rachel is thrilled to be a part of the design team.

Her spirituality has taught her that everything she has learnt in the past has led her to exactly where she is now – working with an exceptional team on the artistry of her husband.

When you contact Christian Chapman Art via social media, Rachel is the one who will warmly greet you and answer any enquiries you might have. She loves people and she views each of you as a valued client and is excited to hear from you

“To read our customers testimonials after they have received their paintings for the first time is one of the most powerful reasons why I love our business. To hear how much we have touched someone’s heart & emotions through our Art is truly beautiful.” – Rachel Chapman