About Christian Chapman

From Organic Beginnings Stems a Creative Art Career

Christian began drawing at a very young age and sub consciously absorbed his skills from watching his mother painting.

She was an established New Zealand Artist with exceptional portrait skills drawing from life and beautiful nature studies.  She was also a Fashion Illustrator and Art tutor and won numerous national art awards.  Also subtle accents of modernism have been handed down from his father being a graphic artist.

Christian grew up in New Zealand over looking Sumner beach in Christchurch and naturally began to paint the sea.  Living up on Clifton Hill with the Southern Alps framing the sea he also began his addiction to the ocean/surfing.  There was no drive on access to the property therefore just the sea and the trees with no cars or neighbours created the perfect environment to paint and also play music and guitar.

Christian at 16 years of age began training his art skills on the diverse medium of surfboards at Ian Thompsons Exit Surf shop.

By the time Christian was in his early twenties he decided to venture the alluring horizon and moved to the Gold Coast, Australia.  With a bigger audience and faster paced lifestyle he began to develop his portrait art skills at his Gold Coast art studio.

Without his wife Rachel’s behind the scenes professionalism running the art machine – Christian wouldn’t be on the map.

He also learnt and introduced the airbrush as an added unorthodox element to his paintings.  Now this unique look has attracted art collectors from all over the world wanting to own an original one of a kind Christian Chapman Art piece.

Christian’s passion for the ocean and music are evident through his ocean and portrait series artworks.  He believes in recreating these visions and painting them to inspire his audience and to compliment any room or décor.

There are no rules in the world of Art and Christian will continue to bring his boundless free expressionism to change the status quo and inspire you the viewer’s perception.

‘Inspire your World’ … Christian Chapman